Johanna Novak

Multimedia Producer

Corona Opinions

My story is about the perspective of inanimate objects such as schools, restaurants, trains, busses, rivers etc. in the Corona-Situation. There will be conversations between these inanimate objects, for example when they share their new experiences. I want to draw it in the urban sketching style with maybe some watercolours and make small comic stripes.

The Story should illustrate Stereotypical Opinions of certain People but in the Shape of buildings or other inanimate objects such as Trams and Trees. Each Object will have his Proper Opinion, which somewhat fits to the function of the object. For example, the Church will be lonely that nobody comes to service anymore and will call upon the people to have faith and pray. Another example is the department store Jelmoli, which is worries about the economy because nobody can buy what jelmoli sells anymore. It was important to me, that there is some humour in those opinions, so they are not to be taken too seriously. At the same time, they should still be relatable and somewhat true. Since I Only know swiss Opinions on the corona matter well, I’ve decided, that all the characters Buildings, Trees etc I used, actually Exist and are in Switzerland. That’s why I have taken Buildings and objects from Baden and Zurich. I’ve also created my own font to use in the drawings.

Look at the drawings here.

FHGR, 2020